Madoka and Doremi outfit swap 8’v

suitam replied to your photo: “This is the coolest thing ever. It’s an unattended shop testing…”:
Pregunta botanera: ¿qué son esos “cachitos”? ¿Son como “conchitas”? Nunca los había visto

Creo que eran conchitas. Tampoco los había visto nunca xD

This is the coolest thing ever. It’s an unattended shop testing people’s honesty; sadly, it seems people haven’t been able to prove themselves; but there IS some money there, and I just bought from it.


radfemphantom replied to your photo: “8’) Udon Noodles with tofu and /or shrimp |)”:
looks really good! what is it?!

It’s Udon noodles! (just added the info, haha uvu) I cooked a veggie soup, mostly boiled each veggie by turns so they would leave their flavor in the soup |)

Then added the udon~

My mom added shrimp to hers!


Udon Noodles with tofu and /or shrimp |)

Part of a commission I did for herrdoktorat

Human Ai for a project of his 
You can find it here! [x] [x]

I’m glad he let me post it <3!

simonethehuman replied to your post: “I need a logo what would you put in the alex logo what is alex tell…”:
Hm. This is tough. I think of a lot when I think of Alex. I guess it depends on what kind of logo and how simplistic/complicated it is supposed to look. You always rock your drawings of armor, maybe a really cool armor helmet or something.

I just want something to stamp my draws with 8v!
Thanks for the help >:’v <3

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