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theres an overdepencdency on processed foods esp since they are available and small farmers markets like in latinamerica are not so common depeneding where u live. :/ time is money for the gringos aka no time for cooking

My sister has that sort of attitude. While she wastes a lot of time doing nothing, she “doesn’t have time for cooking”. She will honestly pay for a 5USD food instead of making herself three of those with that money, it’s really sad x_x

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right?! =v=


See this is actually a really neat look at how history works.

Who writes the history books?

The survivors.

Who survives?

The victors.

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Yes! To those of us who have been cooking rationing food is fairly easy, but for a college student who hasn’t its all about math tbh. No se como lo hacen los gringos con su falta de cultura/dependencia del súpermercado, pero las madres y abuelas latinas nos enseñan (y esto es algo que latinoamerica y otros países tercer mundistas comparten) a hacer las cosas bien. Comprando en el mercado/carnicerías se hacen milagros :/ y no tenemos excusa pq estas señoras lo han hecho desde décadas atrás con muy poco!
Mi abuela de lado paterno con 2 mil pesos (aprox 4 dólares, un poco menos) nos alimentaba a 6 y creo que justificarse detrás del tiempo/el estrés es una falta de respeto a estas señoras de edad que dignamente se esforzaban por una alimentación de calidad

Nunca había pensado en eso. Los norteamericanos tienen un chorro de comidas instantáneas, y su comida nacional (de TODO el país) casi creo que es sólo esa comida rápida chatarra, jaja.

Son más capitalistas de lo que les daba crédito; ponen mucha fé en productos alimenticios producidos en masa, obviamente más sintéticos que naturales por aquello de que vayan a durar más tiempo.

La verdad siempre me ha dado algo de asquito ir a Walmart de E.E.U.U y ver los paquetes gigantes de frituras y esas madres xD

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cooking is a lot like laboratory tbh hahahaha. hoping nothing explodes, mixing things together, washing things afterwards. lots of waiting time.

I love callling it alchemy 8’I

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yo comía mucho Cup Noodles durante el colegio, estaba flaquita and w/e, pero muy mal nutrida XP

Pero ya comes bien? uvu

I should make videos comparing prices of uni food to cooked food.

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Eating great, tasty would be so fucking expensive if I didn’t know how to cook :| also its literally the most essential skill you need to survive, you save tons of money and in case of emergency you could work by selling street food/lunch to the locals..
But there will always be the spoiled lazy brats who live off cereal and don’t appreciate or have any interest in the most integral part of their country’s culture, or not even their family’s recipes (as long as they got the resources to do so ofc)

I thought you were about to defend people who say “eating healthy is expensive!” but you didn’t. You know what’s up!

People think even maruchan is less expensive than knowing how to cook (living off maruchan even if it was less expensive would seem like a health hazard to me anyway), but with a week’s worth of all the junk I see college students who don’t know how to cook buy, you could also fix healthy, plentiful, DELICIOUS dishes.

If you know to cook.

And learning doesn’t seem hard. It’s a practiced skill!

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Her Gardevoir would be shiny too, just to match with the color of the Triforce of Wisdom :D


Emboar’s Fire type -> Whimsicott’s Grass
Whimsicott’s Fairy type -> Emboar’s Fighting 


Gardevoirs Psychic and Fairy -> -> -> Emboar’s Fighting LOL

Close enough

They beat Ganon’s ass all the time, anyway. 8)

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