Shura’s mini skirt keeps me alive



i thought this was a fake smash bros reveal

what do u mean fake

Gotta crack down on that lab report + presentation I': I GOT THIS HHHHHH

You do got this uvú! You’ll amaze them and get great results! ‘u’!



I'm unopposed; that's the opposite of a problem. =v=

D’awwh uvu. 
How you doin’, how’s the trip? ;v;
Faring well, I hope? uvu

SPITS OUT WATER, guess that means you're literally the senpai of my dreams 'v'!

YOU COULD SAY THAT |))) -cherry blossoms- (?)

I’m no senpai material tho, I make a habit of noticing the Kouhais 8v

You were in a dream I had! I don't remember the context, but you were telling me to wake up and finish my homework, LOL. Good -v-

Look at that |)
I’m like a parental/teacher/mentor figure in your dreams °u°!


Shaka’s speech pattern would be… interesting to translate yeah AHAHA it’s one of the most peculiar in SS I think

I mean, it’s a very peculiar mix of “hierarchical informality” + archaism/poeticism (particularly present in his imperative grammar)

If you want to get in gendered grammar his is on the masculine side of neutral (“watashi” as preferred 1st person pronoun vs lots of “zo” as emphatic sentence ending, “n” as negative termination, “kimi” as 2nd person pronoun to people he respects/”omae” to people he doesn’t)

I wonder if this is a trope for “monk speak” though; in that childhood scene of his Buddha basically speaks the way Shaka does when adult (albeit much more serene thanks to punctuation lol)

This is so cooool. What I’d give for some context like this.

I only had one semester (shoved down my throat, since I was forced to take Japanese because I needed to take my foreign language and german wasn’t available anymore. This made me appreciate the lessons less >3>)

so, I did gather that there are many forms to refer to different things, like… what I remember most was that there were different words to say “# people” and “# round things” (Hitori, Futari, Sannin vs Hitotsu, Futatsu, Mittsu.) so YEAH sometimes you might not appreciate little things, such as…

My teacher thought it was very cute when a little child asked for a brother using “Hitotsu” instead of “Hitori” or something, and that’s something you’ll never translate appropriately because “one of something” is said the same way for things, people, places, etc; in our languages 8I

Not gonna lie, I’d be very excited if someone just plain explains every little thing about how Kurumada chose to write the characters |D. There’s so much lost in translation

So. Much. ;v;

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