Gotta watch free! because I gotta know wth IRL people are even talking about.

Them mystery games with  their disappointing endings, man.


I might try to make an idle animation for an OC
But you know
I’m lazy 8v!


funny thing i learned (and by funny I actually mean disgusting, infuriating) men view, and even report, their wives/gfs not having sex with them as abuse. and a lot of times when looking at surveys and data on domestic/spousal abuse, you’ll see men reporting that they’ve been abused by their female partner, and when asked what they did, a large about of men say say shit like she wouldn’t have sex with me, or she didn’t make dinner, wouldn’t give me a bj, etc, and some of these guys even call the police over this. l m a o. 

#and some researchers actually have added ‘denying sex’ as abuse lol #i hope they all drop dead.

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I guess I like villain characters because when written correctly, they’re the most human.

Which is why I hate when people try to baby my favorite villains, like

No, they’re amazing characters because they’re real as frick shit.

Don’t ruin it by apologizing for them, damn.


i cant wait to play final fantasy 15 noctis is so cute squee XD


i am teh penguin of d00m! *holds up spork*


"in the end, it doesn’t even matter"


New images for the upcoming Asterix animated film “Le Domaine Des Dieux”  (The Mansions Of The Gods). 

A teaser trailer had been released, and a full trailer soon. The movie opens in France in December.

Source for the images (and more to be seen) :

"I guess"

—I disagree with you but ill let you have this one because I don’t feel like debating anymore with your simple ass (via monitormylife)


I’ll become an attorney… I swear it!

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